Recently I had to install Symfony2 from scratch. Being a company that works on one install for years, we don’t always get acquainted with the install phase that often.

Every time I do a personal install just to screw around I have to go read how to do the ACL / Permissions for the cache and logs folders in /app/*

I decided a quick shell script to keep in my toolbox would be a good use of my time this evening. Here it is:

This quick script just follows a few steps that is done by the documentation at the Symfony2 Installation Documentation

  1. Copy this code into a file called “” in your project root.
  2. Add executable permission to the script, by running chmod +x
  3. Run the script:
  4. If you’d like, delete the script afterward, alternatively you can keep it for when you do an update to your code / mess up your permissions (like I do from time to time 🙂 )

Have fun, hope it’s useful.

Grateful to Matthias Noback for his post on How to Install Sismo which is what gave me the idea of creating the shell script.