Know your IDE (Data Sources in PhpStorm 7+)

Sometimes it’s the small things that makes a huge difference to your day. It’s those tiny things that makes a developer grin – smile even! :)

Like, for instance, setting up your Data Source so that SQL statements not only look cool, but actually give you some added productivity.

Having a look at PhpStorm when putting a simple SQL statement in, it’s got a rather ugly colour depicting that you don’t have a data-source set up. On top of that, it actually displays a little light bulb when clicking on it indicating that something is wrong, but the IDE knows how to fix it if you just gave it a little bit of into.

Screenshot 2014-09-05 23.19.17







If you look at the screen grab above, you’ll note┬áthe colour of the string containing the SQL, as well as the light bulb, which I clicked on.

Clicking on the “Configure Data Source” gives us the ability to set up the data source, and for good measure which database to connect to as a default:

PS: You may need to have PhpStorm install the JDBC first, check at the bottom of the pop-up window for details on that.

Screenshot 2014-09-05 23.24.20












It’s always a good idea to test the connection first, but if all goes well and you save and apply… your SQL statement inside your file suddenly changes colour and you have some extra functionality there:

Screenshot 2014-09-05 23.27.50




Note that it highlights the column name in a bold and slightly different colour. This indicates that the column actually exists.

Also, when working with complex databases, it’s not always possible (or even necessary) for developers to memorize all the fields – and their spelling – by heart. Now, because you set up your data-source, you get code-assist!!! Awesome, right!

Screenshot 2014-09-05 23.31.13








As you can see, not only do you get code-assist on the column names – but it also tells you which is the primary key with the little key-icon, it tells you what the┬ádata type is of the column, and it indicates that the column is referenced to another table (in the case of the project_id field with the little highlighted part of the icon).

Pretty awesome, hey!

So go ahead, learn your IDE and set this kind of thing up.

You won’t be disappointed!



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